When would you like to pickup your donuts?

Choose our Express Dozen which has a variety of donuts, or create your own customized order. For special events located in the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City corridor, we require purchasing at least 25 dozen. When delivering non-customized orders in Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha, we require purchasing at least 15 dozen.

You can order the donuts we have available today, or you can order any of our flavors in advance for a future date

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BlueberryFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Cherry Chocolate ChipFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
CherryFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Double ChocolateFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Chocolate ChipFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Express DozenPrepacked$14.57 uncategorized
MapleFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
OrangeFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Old Fashion Sour Cream ChocolateFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
Old Fashion Sour Cream VanillaFlavored Donuts$1.27 flavors
ChocolateCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Chocolate CoconutCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Chocolate PeanutCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Cinnamon & SugarCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Dutch CrumbCake Donuts$1.27 cake
PlainCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Powdered SugarCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Slivered AlmondCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Sprinkles - ChocolateCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Sprinkles- VanillaCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Vanilla CoconutCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Vanilla PeanutCake Donuts$1.27 cake
Toasted CoconutCake Donuts$1.27 cake
GlazedYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Glazed w/ ChocolateYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Long John - ChocolateYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Long John - MapleYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Long John - Maple/Toasted CoconutYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Long John - VanillaYeast Donuts$1.27 yeast
Big 15 Box-Better than a Dozen!Prepacked$17.47 uncategorized
Chop Suey/FritterFancies$2.07 fancies
Cinnamon RollFancies$2.07 fancies
Long John - Filled ChocolateFancies$2.57 fancies
Long John - Filled VanillaFancies$2.57 fancies
Apple BismarkBismarks$1.47 bismarks
BavarianBismarks$1.47 bismarks
Cherry BismarkBismarks$1.47 bismarks
Raspberry BismarkBismarks$1.47 bismarks
SnowballBismarks$1.47 bismarks
Strawberry BismarkBismarks$1.47 bismarks
Blueberry Nibbler (Dozen)Nibblers/ Donut Holes$5.67 nibblers-donut-holes
Cherry Nibbler (Dozen)Nibblers/ Donut Holes$5.67 nibblers-donut-holes
Assorted Nibblers (Dozen)Nibblers/ Donut Holes$5.67 nibblers-donut-holes
Chocolate Nibbler (Dozen)Nibblers/ Donut Holes$5.67 nibblers-donut-holes
Sprinkle Nibbler (Dozen)Nibblers/ Donut Holes$5.67 nibblers-donut-holes